Kakuro Cross Sums Game Playing Instructions

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1. Use the arrow keys to move the yellow cursor to desired box. When on the desired box, use the keyboard numbers 1-9 to enter a digit.

[Space] - Clear Box, [Caps Lock] - Toggle Pencilmark

2. Using the mouse, press and hold the left mouse button to bring up the number pad.
Move the mouse to the desired digit and release button to select that digit.
      'X' - Clears box of any pencilmarks or digits
      '?' - Copy/paste pencilmark -or- auto-complete row/col digit

3. Once you enter a digit it will be color coded.
Green means sum is correct
Red means sum is incorrect.
Yellow means sum is correct in only one direction.
Click the blue area w/ the sum total to see sum combinations.
      'A' - View across combos, 'D' - View down combos

4. Click the pencilmark icon on the number pad or at the top of the screen to turn on/off pencil mark notation. Pencil marks allow you to add notation #'s to the boxes and is very useful when you are uncertain of a digit.

5. Other keyboard shortcuts include:
      'U' - Undo last move (up to 5 moves)
      'C' - Copy pencilmark, 'V' - Paste pencilmark
      '+' - Converts all single digit pencilmarks to big numbers

6. Additional Navigation using Keyboard:
      Main Menu: Up/Down Arrow = choose puzzle difficulty
      Main Menu: Enter Key = Start Puzzle -or- Next page through instructions
      Play Screen: CTRL+B = Clear Board, CTRL+S = Save Game
      Play Screen: CTRL+H = Quick Help, CTRL+Q = Quit Game
      Play Screen: Play Again? = Enter Key to return to main menu
      Message Box: Y = Yes, N = No, Enter Key = OK, Esc Key = Closes MsgBox

To print a puzzle: click the "Print" icon on the game board that opens up a print-friendly page. Next you can press CTRL+P to choose where to print to or use the browser menu and select print.


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